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By Gbjinhus
Two announcements have just shed a stark light on the state of immigration in the US. Customs and Border Protection announced nearly 475,000 migrant families were arrested at the southern border over the past year. That's an increase of 342% since the 2018 fiscal year. The dramatic spike is due in part to an increase of asylum-seekers.

The US is also on track to not admit any refugees into the country during the month of October. A pause on admissions that was expected to lift yesterday was extended into November, leaving hundreds with cancelled flights and unsure futures.

This is the third time this month the State Department has delayed refugee admissions. The Trump administration has proposed capping the number of refugees allowed into the US next fiscal year at 18,000, a historic low. But until the President signs off on the cap, no new refugees can be admitted come mid-November.

Source: CNN