By Prince
1. Wichita, Kansas : The median rent price in Wichita is only $623 per month.
2. Tucson, Arizona : The median rental price is $628 per month.
3. Tulsa, Oklahoma: The median rent in Tulsa is $672 per month.
4. Detroit, Michigan: The median rent price is $678 per month.
5. Indianapolis, Indiana: The median rental price is $692 a month.
6. Memphis, Tennessee : The median price is $692 per month.
7. Arlington, Texas : The median cost to rent an apartment in Arlington is $713 per month.
8. Columbus, Ohio : The median rent in Columbus is $722 per month.
9. Louisville, Kentucky: The median rent is $727 per month in Louisville.
10. Kansas City, Missouri : The median price is $730 per month in the city, which Forbes proclaimed last year has one of the best downtowns.